About the Author


Imani Cortez is a Citizen of the Universe. Having family from Central Asia, Europe, Africa, and USA, she learned that kindness and compassion are valued the same way in every country despite borders that exist today.

Ever since she was a child, Imani was keen to write poems and short stories. However, she found true inspiration only after meeting her dear Teacher – Master Olga Gomon, who guided her to open new layers of her soul for Imani to start writing and listening with her heart.


Imani would start to write with one primary purpose: to remind young and adult readers that we, humans of this Planet - are One United Family, living in this home called Earth, which we should care for and protect, sometimes even from ourselves. 


Currently, while living in Namibia, Imani Cortez witnessed the real hardships of the certain native tribes. Moreover, lack of clean water, more and more impacting the natural ecosystem of this continent, leading to further endangerment of individual species. Therefore, all profits generated from sales of her books will directly support various charitable causes in this region.